Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who needs Alcohol?

When you can have one of MY drinks??
For some reason I've always enjoyed daiquiries, smoothies and all such 'frozen drinks' (as they are called). But I've never, nor will I ever, put alcohol in mine.
And honestly - I think they taste terrific!!
I even have fancy cups - 3 different sets - and do the fancy pineapple. Or strawberry or other fresh fruit, depending on the flavor of the drink.
Last nite I made a pina colada, with raspberries and added the pineapple on top. It was actually not bad. Although I think I prefer Pina Colada withOUT the raspberries.
My favorite is the Strawberry Daiquiri though. Without a doubt. But I am currently out of that drink mix, so until I get more I will be experimenting with the Hurricane and Pina Colada flavors.
Oh - and none of them ever taste the same. I do something different every time so you will probably never have a frozen drink of mine that tastes like the previous ones. Whether you want to call it a curse or a blessing. Sometimes I wish I could make it like that last one which was so delicious, but then I wouldn't come up with other ones that taste really good as well.
MMMMmmmmm.... I want one now.

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Alice Wills Gold said...

I call them smoothies and I am always experimenting and them. It's a temperature and a texture thing.