Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Tongue

has made more appearances in pictures than any other part of my body.
I just feel as though smiling for every picture tends to look the same. So I try to make some sort of different facial expression.
I've tried the kissy face thing, but it never quite turns out right. Definitely need bigger lips for that one. I will spare you the picture of what really just looks like I'm making a 'sour patch kids' facial expression.
But in all occasions and all places - my tongue sticks out.
Eh - it's better than the same boring smile all the time. I'm even lucky enough to have other people join me. I'm not the only one that sticks out my tongue now.

I guess I do rub off on some people - maybe it should be a good trait, not just a bad tongue habit.
This is not just a recent thing I've been doing. I've done this trademark for YEARS!
Sometimes other people stick out their tongues in pictures, and I just smile. There are times when I'm asked why I didn't stick my tongue out.
But most of the time I get the comment, "There's that tongue again."
And I have a friend that just swears a bird is going to poop on it someday... I dunno about that one.
I like to smile - and I do it often. But sometimes it's nice to have a different look in pictures. Don't worry - I smile, I frown, I kissy-face, I stick out my tongue, and I do all sorts of different expressions in photos. I try not to have the same, old boring look. Otherwise who could tell whether or not it was all taken the same day, except my hair color might change.

Sometimes I have people say, "Keep that thing in your mouth."
My thought: At least it's not in someone else's mouth.


CDM said...

I love it! And it has definitely rubbed off on me!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah, can you just smile for the camera already?

kelley said...

LOL. That's awesome. I agree. Everyone can smile. I found recently that I have a recurring non-smile as well. I thought maybe it was a bad thing... but clearly I'm not alone with this!