Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shouldn't - But going to...

A few of the other realizations I had the other nite. . .

If I don't plan it, I don't go.

Meaning, if I'm not the one making the event happen, I'm not doing anything. Strange how that works. You would think that since you invite people to do things, they would reciprocate. But that's just not really the case in my situation.
I went from always doing things, to not wanting to plan things, so not doing anything. Very strange, very annoying, very sad.

Another realization - girls are almost as frustrating as boys.

I've noticed that when I was close friends with a guy, there would always be a lot of people around. And there were certain girls that I knew had a liking for this guy, but didn't really try anything because they thought he was otherwise taken (altho no evidence truly portrayed that).
Of course she (more than just one) and I were friends and chit-chatted every time we saw each other. I thought we were friends.
But it turns out that when this guy wasn't really around, they weren't talking to me near as much (I didn't notice at the time).
And now that he's around, but quite obviously not interested in me at all, they almost never talk to me. It's as though they were only friends with me so that they could squeeze their cute little butts in between us and steal his attention away. So that they could get an in with him and then shove me out of the picture.

Well, girls, let me tell you something... I'm out of the picture.

I was never actually in the picture.

He was/is only friends with me like he was/is with you.
But now I at least know where your loyalties lie.
Or at least what your lust leads you to do.

I guess that boys are worse.
But only because they play your heartstrings until you never want them to stop the song - and then they break 'em and move on.


ReL said...

Wow. That last part was extremely profound...did you come up with that?? I'm severely impressed with your analagy if you did.
Sucks that people act that way doesn't it? Something that sucks worse? When you lose a friend because their significant other doesn't like you...that always makes me sad, happened to me in college and then when the significant other was gone she tried to come back and be my friend again but I wasn't having any of that! Psh. LOL. Anyway guys suck, girls suck, life sucks, you just have to make the best of it as best you can and that can be wonderful!

kelley said...

What sucks is that trends/behaviors like this never change. I'm pretty sure we're all plagued with stupid behavior when it comes to boys/girls no matter our age. I've never been one to have a lot of close girl friends and part of that reason is b/c of how much girls frustrate me. I'm enough drama by myself, I don't need it clashing with lots of other frustrating girls!! I enjoy your ventings and perspectives on life. It's refreshing and humorous...

Lacey Vee said...

Amen Sister!!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah get used to is the same exact story after you get married...if you don't plan the date, it ain't happening.

I've read all your posts....just don't have time to comment on all of them.