Friday, September 19, 2008


No - not the money you pay to your landlord, but the play/movie.

For some reason ever since I saw this movie, I've loved it. I am not sure why because it's sad and it's depressing, but I love it anyway.

One of the things I love about it is the apartment/warehouse that Mark and Roger live in - I absolutely love it. It's big, it's spacious, but it's obviously crummy. I don't like the crummy part necessarily, but I love the apartment nonetheless.
I've actually always wanted to live in a big city warehouse apartment. I'm getting closer to that 'big city' part, but I have definitely not gotten the 'warehouse' part down yet.
I've realized that some of them are pretty expensive, but I guess I just gotta keep looking.

It's my goal - weird goal - to have one of those, someday. The one where the elevator has the lift door and all the ceilings are high and spacious. The one where the one wall to outside is all windows. The kind where you'll never feel cramped - regardless of how much furniture you have in there. The one apartment that is modern, chic, and different than anything I've lived in before.

I guess there's actually more than one movie/show that has those sort of apartments. But I want to live in one. Someday....

Different varieties of warehouse apartments:
Ghost Rider
The Ring
Made of Honor (I think his apartment is like that....??)

And many other examples.

But I really do want to live in a big city. One where I take the subway to work. One where there's always something going on. One where no one seems to sleep. One that you may never run into someone you know, but there's LOTS of possibilities to meet people. One that just always holds another surprise each day.

I'm not really working toward my goal. I had put these sort of goals on hold recently - and really I shouldn't have. I should never put my goals on hold, for any reason. I should always and continually be striving to meet them. Even if they are strange, even if they aren't sensible. They are still my goals and things I've always wanted. Dreams I've wanted to live. Now I need to make it happen. It will take time, it will be tough, but it is totally possible.
And when will there be a better time than now? Never. Now is the best time and the best opportunity!
So I need to 'grab the bull by the balls' (name that movie), reach for the stars, and make it happen.

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