Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And it turned out...

Absolutely Wonderful!!

I'm sure you are all just at the edge of your seat wondering how the date went. It wasn't just ANY date - it was my birthday date... (Although I'm really not big into birthdays so it didn't matter that much to me.)

The evening started as follows:
My roommate texting me telling me she has just thrown up and needed me to stop and get stuff for her. So off I run to the store. I'm then talking to my mother on the phone when my brother calls. While I'm talking to my brother (which I don't do often enough), my date calls - twice. I'm worried something's wrong but then I see his car parked outside my house. Oh no - cuz I am DEFINITELY not ready to go.
I hurry up the stairs with stuff for my girl - arms full of that and work stuff - open the door and get bombarded by balloons. Yes - the ENTIRE living room and most of the kitchen was covered in balloons.
A 'Happy Birthday' banner and streamers were hung up. And it was all so cute. He even had a little stuffed dog (since he couldn't get me a real one like I've been wanting) and a funny card. I can't believe Cassie helped him blow all those up, but it looked great and was a lot of fun. The balloons are still around!!
So I guess it's okay that Cassie also LIED about being sick, because it's fun to have a house full of balloons. Although very strangely - those balloons just happened to end up in my bathroom the next day. Not just a few - but ALL of the balloons. In the shower even. I could barely even open the door.... Good thing we have two bathrooms to use!!
And yes - the culprit is hiding in those balloons....

Dinner was wonderful. We went to 'The Melting Pot.' The food was delicious. I had fondue for the first time. As well as the first time having duck. Everything was great! He set it up for my birthday so they brought me roses with balloons, took our picture and framed it, gave me a card and chocolate to take home for my own fondue nite.
It was a lot of fun - and yes, he earned some bonus points. Which really I think that's all he was going for...
I've never really done anything big for my birthday before, but that was a really sweet thing for him to do, and a LOT of fun!!
MMMMmmmm... I might have to go break out my fondue and have some more!!


ReL said...

:-) hey that's pretty awesome. Congrats lady.

Katy Beth said...

That's too sweet! Sounds like you had a blast. Glad you enjoyed your birthday, hun!