Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's the Holiday Season (the holiday season) . . .

I love Christmas songs.
I just plain love Christmas time.

I've decided that I'm officially ready for it. I want to go Christmas shopping, decorating, caroling and the whole bit. Sadly - I have a stubborn rule that I must wait until AFTER Thanksgiving. Don't forget about one holiday, just because of another. Especially since Thanksgiving is a great time of year as well!

Today while at Wal-Mart in the toy section (had to get date stuff - hehe) I realized that this season of shopping and craziness can either be good or bad. I enjoy shopping all year 'round, but at Christmas I get to wrap it up in pretty paper and bows and give it away. And people need to remember not to stress out or get upset about things. You always hear the story of the crazy women who get into a cat fight over a toy. Well - there was a lady in the store that was very friendly, asked where I thought something could be found (even though she knew I didn't work there) and then wished me luck with my findings as well. Very nice lady. Why can't that friendliness continue throughout the season??
Please, everyone, be kind. Be courteous.
And most importantly - remember what this season is about. There is absolutely no room for anger, frustration, and being rude to others.

On another note - it's a bit of flurries today. Quite chilly out. Makes me want to wear a warm sweater, scarf and perhaps coat. Then grab the boyfriend, some hot chocolate and wander from shop to shop doing some Christmas shopping for our friends and family. Too bad it doesn't truly snow here in the South. At times I'm glad, but other times I wish it would. It's so pretty and really helps bring the spirit of Christmas into my heart/mind.

Oh - and if anyone knows where I can pick up "The Muppet Christmas Carol" or "Charlie Brown's Christmas," please let me know. I've found the Thanksgiving one of Charlie Brown, but I would like the Christmas ones.

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Katy Beth said...

I totally agree with you!

Btw, You can find the full collection of Charlie Brown holiday specials at Walmart for about $15. I haven't been able to find them individually though.