Friday, November 21, 2008

It's time

When you wake up to your porch dusted with snow - you know it's time for Christmas.
Especially because snow is not very popular in the south.

Christmas time is here. I want to go shopping for all kinds of presents, but for who and what do I get? Maybe I'll just browse everywhere because that's fun too.

But honestly - who has time for shopping anytime in the next couple weeks?? Between getting a feast ready for Sunday, having plans Friday and most of Saturday, going out of town most of next week, and then having the next couple weekends planned.... when would I possibly go??


I've gotta get my Christmas decorations up at some point as well....

1 comment:

BrittbeeLynn said...

Oh, snow is very popular in the just doesn't happen for us very often.

The day after Thanksgiving is coming up! Shop your heart out ;)