Wednesday, November 19, 2008

5,000 years ago called - They want their TV back....

My TV is old.... VERY old.
In fact - I remember having it when I was just a kid in Pennsylvania... WOW!

But as long as it works - which it does and it's not a bad picture - then why should I get rid of it. I mean, it was free for me and it serves it's purpose. I realize that it's HUGE - weighs probably about 125 lbs - but how often does one move it? Hopefully not again until late July of next year.

Just about every person that comes over has made some sort of comment.
"What's that dinosaur over there in the corner?"
"Man - that thing is HUGE!"
"You could sell that to an antique store for lots of money."
And some other very random, but entertaining things...

My favorite so far is when a new friend said,
"Hey. 5,000 years ago called and they want their TV back."

My room-mate has a nice - small, but nice - plasma TV. My boyfriend has a big, flat screen TV as do a few of my friends.

So here's the question - do I secretly get a new TV, put it in and see what the first comments are about it's existence?

I wouldn't mind a new TV, but why bother when I have one that works??
And it's apparently a great topic of conversation as well....


BrittbeeLynn said...

Keep the old one until you move, and then you can ditch it...that way you don't have to bother with moving it and you can save for a new TV until then. They're surprisingly expensive, or at least they were to me when I was TV shopping!

Christa said...

Just 2 years ago I was using a tv my grandparents had in the 80's. Now my sister uses it. It works great and we both swear by it.