Friday, December 5, 2008

"Give shelter to those who stand in need of shelter"

There are certain morals and values that we are taught to live by, but don't necessarily have the chance to implement in our lives.

Really - I think I just need to direct you to my best friend's blog as she pretty much explains the situation: 'Because I Have Been Given Much'

It can become a sticky situation - an almost impossible situation. Saying no is really not something I am very good at. But there are times when that may just be the answer... But there are cases when everyone else says you should say no, but really saying yes is okay. And it turns out to actually be a great blessing to say yes.

Sometimes there are things you forget are a blessing in your life, until you are shown through someone else how lucky and blessed you really are. And then you begin to appreciate things, even the little things, all that much more.

Although I didn't really have a traditional Thanksgiving - we didn't even go around the room to tell what we were thankful for - I did, have, and do give thanks for so many of the little things. It's the little things I forget about, but am glad that I have and continue to have.

And hopefully because of the good life I've had, I can share what I've been given with those who 'stand in need of comfort.' And hopefully I can do that much more than I have been...

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