Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sometimes I really want things to be different than they are. Wish I could go back and do things differently. Wish I could change different circumstances and situations in my life to make things to be what I would consider better.

Am I alone in this?

I know I am not. I think just about everyone wishes certain things in their life to be different and changed from what they currently are. It happens. We are human. There are some people that are happy with their lives - and for them I am happy. But a lot of people are not content with the 'cards they've been dealt' and the things that have happened. There are things they want to change, things they want to have turned out differently, things they wish they could go back and change so that the current circumstances are different.

I've made some mistakes in life. I've pushed people away I shouldn't have. I've kept people close I should've pushed far, far away. I have held on to some things, and let go too soon of others. My life could have been very different from what it currently is - for good or bad. I can pinpoint at least a handful - if not more - of certain decisions I've made in life that if they had been made differently, my life would be quite drastically different.

I'm not saying I hate my life, nor am I saying that I love my life. But I am content with a lot of things. And other things that I am very unpleased about. But tomorrow's always another day, another start, another decision. And I think I will try to look at my decisions a little differently from now on as they can make a huge turn for my life - good or bad. And I think I will start risking more things and making decisions that I'm afraid to make because I'm not sure what the results will be.

Does anyone know where their decision will take them? No - but they make it and hope for the best. So here's to taking a chance, making some changes, and hoping for the best. *cheers*

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