Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Klutz - Clumsy person.

That should be my middle name.

I've decided to treat myself in the mornings - maybe not every morning - and get a Starbucks hot chocolate. I enjoy their drinks very much, maybe it's just the idea, or maybe it's truly the flavor. They have lots of different flavors now - not just regular hot chocolate. Although that is one of my favorites. Try the salted caramel for instance, or perhaps the peppermint.
So - this morning I decided to wear my comfy, warm, white sweater that 'Santa' gave me for Christmas. I don't wear it very often and I felt like being comfortable. So - off I go to work, stopping by the blessed cafe first.
The lid seemed to not stay on completely, so I was very careful and made sure to hold the lid while I drank. I should've just taken the lid off cuz the next thing I notice is a whole big spot of hot chocolate on my nice, white sweater.... Of course. Just my luck. I run back to the apartment, after I'd already gotten to work, to wash it out and hope it doesn't stain. I don't have any stain remover either!
Luckily, it looks like it came out, but I've learned a few lessons from this wonderful incident - as well as other klutzy accidents I've had.
I'm the biggest Klutz anyone will ever meet.
  • Don't ever wear white when drinking a dark drink (especially if you like the white you're wearing).
  • Don't wear flip-flops when climbing rocks - whether wet or dry rocks (got stitches and a cracked elbow).
  • Don't put bleach in the washer if you have anything of color (ruined some washclothes and a shirt).
  • Don't wear sunglasses while in the ocean, unless you don't mind giving them to Flipper or Jaws (good thing I have a few more pair).
  • Don't run barefoot for miles on hot sand (someone else's mistake).
  • Don't climb barefoot through water, rocks, and brush (sliced my toe open on something).

And those are just a few among many of my klutzy acts. Some say stupid - but I say klutzy.

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ReL said...

lol we should form a support group.