Wednesday, February 4, 2009


In Relief Society this week (class for the women of our church and Yes, I actually went) we were told about addictions and over coming them.

Jokingly we mentioned we were addicted to a few items - boys, facebook, food - but we weren't really. However I have decided that if you are constantly with it, on it, checking it, and even dreaming about it - then you are obviously addicted.

So - as for the first step of actually admitting the problem:

I'm addicted to facebook.

Yes - it's sadly true. I dreamt about facebook last nite. I even dreamt that someone (or maybe it was me) uploaded pictures - but those pictures happened to also be from events in my dreams.

I believe that may indicate addiction. So somehow I need to get over that addiction. Which is going to be pretty hard while here in Virginia because it's my social outlet. That's where I get my social interaction with others throughout the day. That's where I talk to people and keep from getting too bored. Uh-oh.

Perhaps I'll start reading the news, blogging more, and even looking up different things (activities to do on weekends, places to travel, etc).

If anyone has any fun sites or things to do to take a break from working - let me know. I can always use some good ideas.

(I'm also addicted to other things, but I'm not sure I'm ready to admit to them yet. hehe. )

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