Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Living for the weekend

definitely makes the weeks seem so long. Either that or having only myself to talk to makes conversations minimal. (Although I do talk to mom a lot - so Thanks Mom!!)

I do, however, have my first trip of the year planned. Nothing too big or exciting, but it definitely has me happy and geared up for planning the other ones.

I'm going out west in March. Technically I fly into SLC, but I'm going to Rexburg for a few days. I get to visit with my brother and some friends. It should be a lot of fun. And if I'm lucky - there will be lots of snow!!!

Hopefully for the next little while things will be busy. This weekend - over booked actually. Next weekend I don't technically have anything, but am thinking of a few ideas (Knoxville, beach, DC, or visit my younger brother and friend in TN).

6th: Dance
7th: Something - beach?
13-14: Idaho
20-21: First Day of Spring - deserves a trip somewhere
27th: Party prepping?
28th: Cassie's party!!

So - those of you who know Cassie, better put that on your calendars!! It's going to be amazing fun! I mean - I'm planning it, so of course it'll be great. Haha!

But this living for the weekends makes my weekends seem so far apart. And then I want them to be so fun and sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. I'm sure this weekend will just be craziness. Maybe I'll actually take and post some pictures this time... maybe not.

I've started the trip planning for the year - so let's keep it going. YAY!!
(Can you tell I'm trying to find something entertaining to do in between work?)

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