Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Do YOU want a baby?
Well - visit the doctor and pick out which one you want.

You don't have to pick from what's there - you can CREATE YOUR OWN.
(Picture shows options of whether to make baby alone, together, hair color, skin color, eye, hair, personality, etc)

That's right. Create your own baby. Not only do we check for diseases, but we can give you whatever gender, eye color, hair color, personality trait and many other choices you would like.

We're much further in technology than just cloning sheep - we've gotten into creating people. We'll just play with nature and life. We tweak, twist, manipulate, save and destroy the embryos we have so you get whatever you want. It's all about what YOU want.
So, come on in and decide exactly what you want your child to be like.
I honestly think this is extremely wrong and disgusting. But it's true. They are seriously studying and testing to make this possible... Craziness really. I actually wrote my philosophy final paper on this topic.
Should we be able to choose the traits of our children? I understand people not wanting their child born with some disability or defect - but is being brunette instead of blonde a defect? Is being brown-eyed over green-eyed a defect?
I think not.
Since when were we given permission to start tampering in such creations of life? When people decided that it was 'okay' to have an abortion? When people decided it was 'okay' to throw their child in the dumpster? No - there is no permission. There is no allowance. Those who are having children should accept their child for how it was created - parts of each of them together to create a whole new life.
Can't we learn to be happy and love what is created, not try to create something that is deemed 'perfect'? And whose definition of 'perfect' are we going by? Please just have your child through the natural and good way and not try to create a baby by picking and choosing.

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