Thursday, February 19, 2009

To keep the boredom to a minimum

(Almost every paragraph is a different thought process. I'm by myself - what do you expect?)

Have you ever noticed that most of the women on shampoo/hair product commercials have the same style of hair? And most of the time they are brunette or at least dark blonde - rarely lighter?

On my drive to/from Danville - I happen to pass by a lot of abandoned houses and/or some very run down houses. And everytime I do it makes me want to go be productive. I want to go tear it down, build it up, gut it, and start over again. It makes me want to build things, demolish things, paint, install, and do a big hands-on project. I don't have anything to do that with. Maybe part of it is because I work for a construction company. Maybe part of it is because while growing up we would have different projects and renovations on our house that I got to 'help' with. Or maybe it's just because I feel like I have nothing to show for my work. I can't step back and look at a finished product and go, "WOW. I'm good."

I went and saw 'He's Just Not That Into You' last nite. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I got to thinking afterward that it seems as though that's all anyone/everyone wants in life. To have that someone there, to be married, to be with someone. And it's not just a religious thing - it's a common humanity thing. It's as though that's our sole purpose. We grow up, we live and the whole point to that life is to find that someone to be with forever. Interesting thought that leads to others.

I've been teased about having gypsy blood - but I'm beginning to think that I really do. Mom - are you sure I'm your child? I get antsy after being in a place for so long. And although I want to move from Raleigh, I am probably going to be too chicken to make any bold moves. I AM however - going to satisfy my gypsy blood by traveling. Out of the country at least once this year. Out of the state a LOT of times (state classifying NC and TN). I figure if I'm on the go and out different places then maybe I won't feel so antsy and itching to move far away again. Although the desire will probably always be there (gypsies can't reside in one place too long) I will attempt to keep that desire at bay with small moves on the weekends. If you want to join me, just let me know! I'm always up for a traveling companion.

I have certain foods that I really like. Last nite I was in the mood for a smoothie. So - as I was walking the mall I figured I could find a half-way decent smoothie shop. No such luck, but I settled for one from a cookie place (of which we'll leave nameless for obvious reasons). I was pretty disappointed. It was just a sugary mess - like an ICEE, but smooth instead of ice. I should've opted for the Starbucks across the street. I wasn't so hungry for lunch today, so I figured I'd just get a hot pretzel from the department store I was in (again, nameless). I figured it couldn't be that bad and with some cheese I might actually like it. No - it was pretty gross. I ate it anyway, but it definitely did not meet my want for a hot pretzel. Where does one find such good ones?? Oh - I've had some that were DELICIOUS before... perhaps I'll find one again.

Males. I think they are the cause of my stress in the past few months. If it's not one thing, it's another. Although all the girl drama that gets involved with the boys doesn't help. So I think I'm going to stick with not getting involved - at all. There's a guy that I'll probably keep a crush on, only because he's the guy I think is most attractive 'round these parts. But other than that shallowness - he's only a friend. So - let's stay friends, Males, and all will be well.

My friend and I have made this sort of 'bet' of who can last the longest. It's not a publicly known thing - nor do I think we want it to be, but since this is not a very frequently read blog - I think I can share it. We're trying to see who can go the longest without kissing someone. Now - a kiss on the cheek and sillyness like that doesn't count. And really it started because we're sick of stupid guys. And really there's no one around that we hold any interest in - yet - so this bet won't be very hard for either of us. Although she is meeting a lot of new males, so maybe I'll just win this one.... hahahaha!!!

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ReL said...

In response to paragraph #3... Humans mate for life (or are supposed to anyway) so we're one of those creatures that feels a need to be with someone. Only the really weird Howard Hughs-y types don't need human interaction and they live in their basements and pee in bottles. So there is obviously something wrong with those people. We all want someone to love and to love us back. It really is human nature.