Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This wasn't the first time I visited Rexburg - but it's probably one of the last. My brother won't be going to school there any longer and there's only a couple of friends that will be there after this summer. But as for Idaho - I'm sure I'll continue to visit.

As for renting a car this time - it was SO much more convenient. However, I didn't even get a car. I got 'a free upgrade' to a mini-van. No offense to those who drive a mini-van, but that is most definitely NOT an upgrade for me. That's a major downgrade. Hello - I'm single, traveling alone, and have only one suitcase. Does it LOOK like I need a mini-van?? Stupid people. I have yet to call and complain - but I will be doing so. I was seriously upset.

Overall the trip was pretty fun. I got to hang out with my youngest brother, reunite with some old friends, randomly see people I never expected to see, and got the bug to go back to school again. I thoroughly enjoyed going to class - or at least one of the two I went to. And I would really like to get back to it. I've never been in school with people my age - except for one Math class once. Otherwise it's mainly been older people and always in the evenings. I've never taken full-time day classes. I think it would be most enjoyable if I did. But seeing as I have a full-time job that I'd like to keep, looks like evening classes are it for now.

I probably won't be going to Idaho/Utah again until this fall - which is when my friends and I would like to take another road trip. SWEET! But I'm pretty sure we'll be staying in the Salt Lake area at that time. Anyone who wants to see me then, let me know!
I believe it's supposed to be our 5 year reunion this year, but I'm not sure if I'll be going or not. I have a wedding in June in Arizona to attend and other trips I want to take, so I may skip the reunion. Or maybe not. We'll see when the time comes.

One thing I did realize while I was in Rexburg - I could probably never go to BYU-Idaho. I love the school, I just don't know that I could deal with the large populace of younger people. I understand they aren't much younger than myself, but young enough that I would probably lose my mind. Ha-ha!

Thanks for letting me crash your social life and classes, Ben!
Thanks for letting me crash on your couch, Ashley and James!!

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Scheller's said...

Anytime it was great having you, other than you won't need our couch to visit us soon. You can just drive home. So anyway about the whole not seeing yourself going to byu-idaho. I don't blame you. I'm so ready to be gone because of all the really young people who still act like they are in high school and that nothing can happen to them. Drives me crazy! Anyway not too much longer, 3 weeks until I graduate, 10 until the baby comes and about 14 until we are out there!