Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Somewhere in Dream Land

I know that there are normal, happy dreams somewhere in 'DreamLand' - but they seem to elude me each and every nite.
My dreams aren't necessarily UNhappy, they are just strange and confusing. Before my dreams from last nite escape me, let me explain.

It went through a range of things. I was with my brothers, I believe, and we were just outdoors adventuring when it just turned into me trying to stay alive and some giant gorillas came. At first they were just that - giant gorillas. But then they could talk and then they cared and then they really just kind of became really hairy people (mainly males). One of them even liked me. And it wasn't really me, but someone else. At first they were scary and dangerous, but when they got us, they didn't really hurt us. And it was no longer my brothers, but other people that I don't believe I even knew. And I also started to like the one that was taking care of me. It was strange...
And then it led to some water stuff - and I had a husband, and some hottie girl was jumping off this waterfall thing with him on a mission. But I went after him and he wasn't my husband anymore (might've been my friend's) and I was looking for my friend - still in water (river sort of thing where I wasn't swimming, but it wasn't shallow). And then there were a bunch of people and for some reason we had to jump down this little water shoot to get away. I was freaking out because I couldn't find this girl (not quite sure her name, but she was really close to me and I didn't want to lose her). And then the shoot became more of a slide and it wasn't very exciting. And after I went down that, the water changed at some point and I was in a school.
The school had a lot of familiar people - some I knew, some I didn't. People of all ages. And one friend was talking to me about her plan of skipping school and going to the beach, but she wasn't inviting me and I was bummed cuz I wanted to go to the beach.

The time with the Gorilla Men was my favorite though. It was an adventure and it was thrilling. I was running for my life, climbing, hiding, swimming and then it was just fun. With gorgeous jungle landscape and waterfalls and such. But why in the world did I dream all that??

I know my siblings know the movie "Somewhere in DreamLand" and I wonder why I can't have dreams about finding lots of delicious food and toys???

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BrittbeeLynn said...

Wow...I suppose it might disturb your sleep a bit, but your dreams sound kind of fun :)