Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I see your PANTIES

*giggle giggle giggle*
I went to my parent's house this weekend and their dryer happened to be broken. And of course I had dirty laundry to do - who doesn't when they go home? Mom set up a makeshift drying line (outside was on again- off again rain) and laid all my clothes out to dry.
The nephews came over and saw the 'panties' out on the line. They had a GREAT time with that. . . hahahahahaha.
"I see your panties!!" they kept saying - pointing and laughing. They thought that I would most definitely be embarrassed. That was Friday....

Saturday morning I'm sleeping when Daimon comes in - laughing - and says he got my panties (I had moved them on top of a shelf so they would leave them alone, but he got them down). I smile and fall back to sleep.
I was just getting out of the shower and heard a knock - "Stephanie. I have your panties for you!!" "Thanks, but I already have some in here."
The next thing I hear is little feet and lots of laughter running up and down the hall past the bathroom, toward my bedroom, and back again.... Wonder what they're doing....??
I got out of the bathroom and found them digging through my duffle bag to get ALL of my panties and hang them up on the clothesline. Omigosh! They also found 'two boob-things' that they decided to hang up.
Good thing I didn't have any scandalous underwear in my bag as it was soon displayed for all to see the rest of the morning . . .

But guess what - I can see YOUR UNDERS!!


BrittbeeLynn said...

Hehe...that made me laugh. Little kids are so cute :)

ReL said...

LOL! Two boob things! I almost died when I read this. TOO FUNNY!!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Boob things...classic.

Those boys...they never lose the interest in the panties.