Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I really like old, abandoned buildings - weird.
Everytime I see one, I want to go inside and look around. It's even better when that building is full of stuff - all kinds of stuff; good stuff, bad stuff, new stuff, old stuff, rotted stuff, unrecognizable stuff, just STUFF.

I also get the urge to empty all of that stuff out and do something with it. Restore it, rebuild it, recycle it, or just get rid of it. But to have it all just sitting there, doing nothing, is such a waste. There's got to be a better place or purpose for it. Some of this stuff is worth money. Some of it is just garbage. But I want to go through it all and do something with it....

And I've been itching to go to the one near my parent's house. So I grabbed my trusty little sidekicks and off we went to scavenge. I not only wanted to really scour these places (as I had never really been in them before) but I also decided I was going to see if there was anything worth taking with me. There's always got to be at least one thing, right??

So we went looking around... and there was definitely a lot of garbage. There was clothes from decades ago. There was tools, books, toys, furniture, dishes, food, bedding - you name it, you could probably find it in there (there meaning the old barn, or the old cabin. Sadly I couldn't break into the house). There was even a neon palm tree sign - I think I might go back to get that one!

But we did come out with a few things besides just dust, cobwebs, hee-bee-jee-bies, and nightmares. Although the heebeejeebies was probably the most we got!

We went into the old cabin and explored around. We eventually made it back to the addition of the house where the bathroom was added on. In front of the bathtub (I spared the pictures as it was disturbing) was a gaping hole down to... the ground? And inside the bathtub were little skulls.

That's honestly what I thought they were at first. But they really just turned out to be some sort of old, dried up fruit. Peaches? It looked like someone had put them in there to wash them or soak them and then just forgot. They were hard, crusty and really quite gross looking.

Then we headed up the stairs - and if you've ever seen 'The Ring' - don't go up there. I definitely have the destination of my next horror movie figured out... Good thing I scavenge during daylight hours!

We found a few things on our scavenging adventure though - 4 wine glasses in perfect condition, a headboard mom wants to redo, and some sort of wire pot thing - although I would've liked to find more. Oh - there's also a couple of abandoned cars if anyone's looking for an empty car shell.
Now off to find the next building to explore and scavenge in!!

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ReL said...

That is awesome! I love doing that kind of thing too. Up in the mountains you find all kinds of weird abandoned places when you're hiking. We found one that was like an old church or school or something and one that was a house with old dresses and patterns and magazines. But mostly it was all rotten stuff. We should go explore around here!