Monday, April 27, 2009

Road Trip Fever

I have been wanting to go on a road trip. A real road trip. Not just a quick jaunt to the beach or back home, but a REAL trip.
Something that requires an atlas, time, money, adventure and going places I've never gone before.
This weekend (other than getting my wisdom teeth out) I meandered through 'Borders' looking at traveling books with a friend. He found one about 13 Ghost Stories in North Carolina. So we've now decided to travel to each of those places and read the stories while there. That should lead to some interesting road trips and weekend adventures.
But I still want to go on a real trip. Perhaps it's because my brother and some of my other friends have gone. And now I want to as well... Seeing this site on MSN about road trips to take didn't really help either.
So perhaps I'll start planning out a great trip, even if I don't take it for awhile. I want to make a traveling book - like the one in 'Elizabethtown' movie... so cute. But I also want to take a trip from one coast to the next. Ever since I went to the Wilmington Beach and saw the sign for California, I've wanted to take that trip. One coast to the next... seeing sights and doing new things. Perhaps stopping at the first of my favorite restaurant of some kind, seeing the biggest ball of string, seeing some other random, but fun sights.
If it's a round-trip vacation, then I definitely will be taking a different path back so I can be sure to see all the many different possibilities and sights there are.
And I of course don't want to do this trip alone, so I'm going to have to find some traveling companions. That's always the hardest part... But be sure to pack light, everyone. It's a long trip, not much room in the car!!

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KSHammond said...

That does sound fun. I want to but not with a baby. . . unless he sleeps the whole time. Road trips have lost some of their appeal since giving birth, but I still like to "travel".