Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who has a social life?

I don't!

I already have my weekend planned out. But of course, it never goes as planned. I'm sure only some of the things I have thought about will actually happen, but I've got to give myself something to look forward to.

I need more social interaction. Some of you probably think I'm crazy and get so much interaction all weekend that I must be crazy wanting it during the week as well.
It's only Wednesday and I have half of my quilt sewed - started Monday. I talk to no one and see no one all week long (except those I work with and let's be honest - we don't really talk).
I was okay with this for the first few weeks - but now I'm just losing my mind!!

Part of it is the weather. It's spring, it's warm and it's time to be outdoors. But part of it is also the fact that I see no one, talk to no one, and need to be out and about. I'm 23 years old - I shouldn't be a recluse yet. I know I've threatened about being a hermit - but I really don't want to be. So please let it stop!!

Perhaps the only way to remedy the situation is to go back to Raleigh once/twice a week and get my social fix... Is it worth the time and money to do it? Probably - otherwise I'll completely lose my mind.

I'm a social butterfly that's being locked in a cage. LET ME OUT!!

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