Monday, May 11, 2009

Generous Donation

As you can see in the picture to the right - I had long hair.
Yes - had - meaning the past tense version of possession.
My hair was long, brunette, with a little bit of caramel highlights. It was easy, fun, and the longest it's been in years. It was thick, heavy, and there was definitely a lot of it.
I've always had fairly thick hair and even when it's short - there's a lot of it. But I love my hair. I usually always do.
This past weekend I went home. And usually when I'm home I get my hair colored. I just wanted some more highlights, more blondes in it. But for some reason - this time just didn't work out quite so well. There was highlights, but the blonde only worked really well on my roots - whereas the rest was more copper/gold color. Not really what I was looking for.
And on top of that, my hair felt so nappy and gross on the bottom 2-3 inches. I know it was really because I had just finished coloring it. But I decided to get it cut anyway. More of a trim really.
I looked up some idea, past hair cuts of my own, etc. We went to the hair cutting place (I don't go expensive) and looked at more ideas. I decided I wanted something shoulder length with layers. I sat down in the chair and the girl started talking about how long it was. And that really if we cut another inch off the length, it would be long enough to donate. And then we'd have to cut a little bit more off to make it all look good.
I thought - shoot! Only another inch? Okay - sure.
I'm still wondering if that was a mistake.
My hair is gone. My hair is blond-ish (which is fine). My hair is SHORT. I miss it.... And I wonder what possessed me to do such a thing.
Yes - it's just hair. But I was really liking my hair that long. And oh - it was long. Sad day....
But I guess I do have to admit that I am grateful to have hair and to have the ability to grow my hair out again. So - with that said, BRING ON THE VITAMINS! (They help hair grow faster, right!?!?)
(Clarification: I've had my hair this short before - it's just that the layers are a bit - maybe a lot - too short. If the back layers were longer, then I think it would not be so bad.)


ReL said...

I think it's you did a very good thing donating it :-)

Katy Beth said...

It looks great! But I feel your pain. I'm letting mine grow out, so I went in for a trim. Stupid, I didn't go to the woman I normally to so it got hacked. Now it's 4 in shorter. It's ok, but not what I had in mind. :(

heather. said...

ohhh that is wayy shorter! but it does look cuteee! i love it!
my hair is way long now too...almost too!

Courtney said...

No worries - it's sassy! Way to donate your hair - that's so admirable!

Laura said...

i like it - it is carefree!!!! and "reckless" :-)