Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slacker in the posting...

This is my 201st post - I believe.

I used to do posts much more often - not very entertaining ones, but at least it was something I suppose.
But lately - I haven't felt much of doing that. I don't feel like I have anything to say. At least not anything to post publicly (haha).
So I suppose after getting to 200 posts on this blog... it may start to slow down quite a bit. Sad really. I was hoping to do so many more. Perhaps I will do better as things start to pick up.
My days consist of attempting a 'to-do' list that will probably never get done (mostly research and long-term projects). And also an attempt at entertaining two little boys (which is GREAT birth control, if I haven't mentioned that before). And other than that... not a whole lot.
I've become a home-body. I don't go out much. I like to stay in bed and somedays I really have a hard time getting up in the morning. No serious reason to, so why not stay comfy in the blankets? But I always do - at some point, usually around 9:30 when the little rascals show up.
I guess I have a few things in the works for entertainment soon... and then perhaps I'll tell you all about it. Until then - go read a good book instead (that's what I do a lot of).


Alice Wills Gold said...

Enjoy all the sleeping and reading time you can....once you get your own little rascals, it's OVER. :)

Hopefully we will come and see you soon. I'll bring some more rascals for you to enjoy.

kelley said...

Welcome back. Post on whatever. Doesn't matter. I need stuff to read when it's slow at work! Miss you! Hope TN is going well!