Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time with my boys

I suggested last week - out of nowhere - to take my nephews to Raleigh for a few days.
What was I thinking?!?!?
It turned out to be a lot of fun. We hit the road Thursday morning and it was a pretty good ride there.

Schedule as follows (nothing really planned):
Kids museum - pretty fun, hands on playing. We got to play on stage, grocery shop, play in the water, pretend we were in the ocean, dressed up as pirates, played in 'peas and carrots', played hockey and all kinds of stuff.
Then we had dinner, went to the park, and rented a couple movies. We watched one and didn't go to sleep until after. (Way too late.)
Friday: Beach time!! Stayed there for about 5 hours and played in the waves, sand, and had a great time with friends. On the way back, we took our ninja-army friend to get his car and got to see some cool military trucks. A tank, a missile launcher and a truck.
Pizza for dinner, played with the ninja-friend, and then watched a movie. (Again up way too late.)

Saturday: We actually slept in a little bit, which was great! Then we played around and made a mess, while packing kind of got done. We even learned some cool ninja tricks!!
Then off to the Natural History Museum, McDonald's, and back on the road.

It was a fun trip. I definitely learned that I would not want to be a single mother. I never would've been able to take them out into the waves and jump them with both children clinging to me. So thanks to the friends who came and helped!!

I also learned that children do things on their own time schedule, and don't understand the meaning of hurry. But I also learned that I love my nephews so much and having children of my own will only be that much better.... one day. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy any nieces and nephews I get!

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Katy Beth said...

Aw... how sweet are you? I'm glad ya'll had fun!