Sunday, August 9, 2009

The busier I am, the better I sleep

I love playing, and playing hard. I love getting into bed at nite and just collapsing because it's been a busy day - whether just with fun play, or productive work. I love staying up late and getting up early to just play continually.
And I would have to say that I definitely got that opportunity for a few days. Oh man - it was great. I stayed up just randomly talking and spending time with Ariel until about 1 or 2 am and then we got up early for the beach!!
Of course when at the beach - and staying over - you have to play at nite too! The beach all day can wear you out enough, but when you stay ALL day and then stay up ALL nite playing.... oh boy!! And although Ariel kept me up till 3 AM talking (giddy little school girl...haha), I did sleep so good!
The next nite wasn't quite as late - we played at the pool for the day, danced a bit, and then were in bed by about 2 AM, I think... But up again early for the lake!!
Again - staying out in the sun all day can wear you out. Especially when holding on for dear life on a tube being pulled behind the boat at who knows what speeds. But oh man - was it amazingly fun. Days like that make it hard for me to decide whether I want to live lakeside, or beachside. They are both so much fun.
Of course we didn't want the day to end, so we gathered some people from the boat and hung out that nite. We just ended up going to a movie, which was fun. But stayed up late again and then I got up and had to drive the next day.
Man were the days SO MUCH FUN. And the few hours I slept were so nice - filled with dreams as always - but I definitely slept a lot better for all the playing that was done during the day!!
I definitely want to do those things more often. Staying up late playing and having fun, but having to get up the next day for a purpose - otherwise I sleep in and waste the next day. Ha!

So - thanks for the amazing days everyone!!

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