Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to School

It's the first week and I already feel like I'm going to fail each and every class....

Okay - I'm only taking 3 - but no one's been sounding very promising about it going to go very well. Mom got mad at me for having no confidence and my sister said I was smart - but when the teacher tells you it's a hard class, then the head of the department tells you that, then it must be a hard class. Plus I'm out of the swing of being in school.... And I don't do well with numbers or foreign languages....

And I'm starting to get sick. . . I think. So that's never fun. Let's hope I can beat the cold before it gets too bad.

And let's also hope that I can do well this semester and hopefully be done by next fall (which may not happen depending on the school and the program).
Man - I'm just a downer today....And it's not the back-to-school-blues because I'm honestly kind of excited about being in class again. I think I'm just getting sick. Blah!!

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ReL said...

Girl you'll do great!