Monday, September 14, 2009

Famous People

I'm not against hearing about famous people - but do we really need to have full news hours on their death and the possible suicide involved with it? I don't care if he was the 'King of Pop', hottest guy on TV, or *anything else. Don't get me wrong - I like them, but I would like to hear of good things.
And what makes one celebrity so much more important than the others? Why does one guy get a whole news hour about him while another barely gets any note that he's gone? Is it a matter of how they died - and if it was a scandal they get more coverage??
How come those who purposely kill themselves get more hype than those who had to suffer a disease and die or got in a wreck and died? How come if the person had more scandalous things happen in their life, they get more notice? It's not really fair when someone who was very talented and smart in making their life decisions gets thrown to the side and not recognized for the things they did. Why should we praise, remember, and glorify people who don't live right, who purposely do stupid/wrong things??
I'm not against people who are stupid and do wrong things - but why should we glorify and continually talk about it?? Let's glorify, remember and talk about those who lived good lives and were also very talented.

*Disclaimer: I'm not pinpointing any One person, I'm just giving examples. I like celebrities and their talents they give us, I just don't like to hear about their personal lives and scandals.

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