Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Experiences

I went last nite with a friend to a motorcycle rally in Cherokee, NC. While there we saw 'Motorhead'. This is definitely a new thing for me. I am not used to metal/rock bands. Although I have definitely been introduced to music that I don't usually listen to.
And it was actually a fairly good show. I didn't know any of the music - but it was still fun. Apparently it wasn't as loud or roudy as things can get at such concerts.
But there were definitely some obnoxious people. And some very weird people too - but it was great to people watch.
There weren't near as many bikes as I thought there would be, but it was still fabulous fun and I enjoyed trying something new. I'm sure I will be enjoying some more new music adventures.

I also recently decided to color my hair in a very strange way. I usually do just normal colors - blonde, brunette, occasional red. But since I don't have a job and am not planning on getting one in the next month or so, I decided to do something different.
And purple it is!!
Next month it might be blue.


ReL said...

OH MAN! You went to the Cherokee Rally without me :-( JEALOUS! HAHAHAHA but yeah those are usually full of crazy people.
And your hair looks so dang cute!

Anonymous said...

LUCKY!! I love motor head!! I tried to do my hair pink last time but it didnt take so i just got blonde stripes, boring, oh well.... i love the purple and blue would be cool too!!! Glad you had fun!