Friday, September 11, 2009

What do you do when....

you need a change but aren't sure what?
you feel like crawling into a hole and dying?
your son cries for 20 minutes because he wanted the baby to be a sister, not another brother?
you have the time and money, but nowhere to go?
you want to spend time with someone, but for different reasons than they do?
you want to avoid the world and disappear?
you really need to pee, but there are no bathrooms nearby?
you're not hungry but need to eat?
you feel like it's an obligation to be social, not enjoyable?
you miss someone/something so much you really don't know what to do?
you wish for something to be, but there's really no hope of it happening?
you want to cry, but aren't sure where the feeling came from?
you feel like exploding?

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Suzi Q said...

Your posts are always deep. Make me think.