Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The World is going to Hell

It's true. There's nothing good on the news - nothing.
I rarely watch or read it.
Last nite a big story - mother was stabbed and her 4 day old baby stolen. An assumed illegal - stabbed by a blonde, white girl - and baby stolen.
Another story - a 94-yr old man was murdered and dismembered.
If I did listen to the news - I might've heard about this one before. A mother said her child was kidnapped by the babysitter, when evidence seems to point out that mother killed the child - the child's bloody silhouette found in the trunk of mother (no disturbing photos).
Or the multiple stories of parents beating their children. Some admit to it, some do not.
They are allowing weapons into places that serve alcohol now. This is such a great idea since people that become intoxicated seem to really be in control and don't let emotions over-ride common sense - if they even have any common sense to begin with.
It's not just adults that are stupid - teens are probably worse. School shootings and killings are beginning to grow in numbers. It's terrible.

And none of this even begins to touch all the terrible things there are. These are just a few of them. Plus we have the natural disaster tragedies. Which are terrible and very sad - and much more frequent than they used to be. But I still think that man vs man crimes and disasters are so much worse.

I personally believe that things are getting worse (beyond religious revelations) because people have become numb to violence. There are so many movies, games and just violent behavior that it doesn't bother people to talk about killing someone. It doesn't seem to bother someone to beat another person. They have become numb to violence and it's disgusting - absolutely revolting.

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