Monday, February 1, 2010

I go through a lot of Cameras

It seems like after every adventure or two (sometimes three) I have to get a new camera. (I don't spend a lot on my cameras, which is good. It's just something to take a basic picture with.)
And I think that this process of going through cameras can be compared to relationships - for some people.
You purchase a shiny, new, fun camera. You use it ALL the time. It's always there and ready to capture the moment with you.
But then something happens. Or a few things happen and it just isn't working quite as nice anymore. So then you can't rely on it for everything. It misses the good shots. It's just not working as well as it should.
You decide to get something new. Throwing away the first one is not really an option just yet. You keep it around for the random adventure that you don't want the new one to get hurt participating in - using it just a little bit. But eventually the old one just gets ignored more and more. And finally gets completely discarded - never thought about again.
Get, use, abuse, toss aside - ocassionally using again, but ultimately going for the newer model.

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