Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Death by a Dream

I was quite literally running for my life all nite. There was this . . . thing. Not quite human, but not a monster. He looked and acted fairly human. (I believe he may have actually taken over my friend's body . . . )
I was attending a big social gathering, although I knew I was in danger, I had to go. While there, I acted as though everything was normal and I was not worried about my life. Yet I started to feel strange - not sure if I was drugged, or he was starting to control me. So I casually, yet quickly, made my escape without letting others know why I was leaving.
Then at another point I had locked myself into a room. I needed some people to help me cuz I could not leave. One person betrayed me - but not by their own choice. And there were others who were trying to help, were concerned and on my side, but I could not trust them. I could not let them in. I told them to just go away - friends that I've known for years. But they would just be in danger and I would not be able to have them around.
I could not get away from him and everyone was an enemy.
I don't remember how things ended or specific details (I've been awake too long) but I do remember almost waking up in fright a few times. And quite literally scared and running for my life the majority of the nite.
It was exciting and exhilarating - but definitely not a good nite's sleep.
(This was definitely not the full details, nor all of the dream - but it gives the idea.)

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