Thursday, February 4, 2010

A whole separate blog of Dreams

I could seriously start a whole separate blog of dreams. I could write a book about them. I could have a whole different life with them.
If you've ever read my previous blogs about dreams - you know I dream almost every nite. I don't enjoy it all the time. It can be pretty interesting and like the dream the other nite, exhilarating.
Last nite was just strange. I blame Facebook for the people that were in it. I think it was just a reliving - but a different living - of high school. I was young, yet as myself now, and had all the people that I went to high school with surrounding me and the activities we did.
It was nice 'seeing' them again - but weird that it had no current people or friends. And especially since I haven't actually talked to a lot of the people that were in the dream - thus I blame Facebook cuz I probably saw them. haha.
But even though I can write a whole book on some dreams, start a completely separate blog, etc, I will not be writing them all the time. Nor will I be starting a separate blog about dreams. They are usually too hard to explain. And I don't want to attempt it just to sound completely crazy. haha!

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