Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I might always hate other people

There are times that I just hate other people. Hate may be a bit strong - dislike, want to beat, have no desire to ever be around again, etc etc.

I hate when they treat me like I don't know anything.
I hate when what they say directly contradicts their actions - hello! Actions show what's really going on, not the words.
I hate when they say you can call with questions, but then they refuse to answer any.
I hate when they drive stupidly - get off the road!
I hate when they act so much better than me - they don't know me.
I hate when they think they know me, and they have absolutely no idea.
I hate that some people can lose weight so much better than me.
I hate those people that seem to be able to do everything, and they're good at it all too.
I hate .... well. I just really dislike other people sometimes.

I really gotta learn to just let it go. It doesn't matter. They are who they are, and it really doesn't matter. It doesn't have to affect me. I can't control how stupid they are or how ignorant they are. I will just look at them and think, "I'm sorry you are the way you are. I hope that one day things will get better for you."
People may say these same things in reference to me, but such is life.


ReL said...

c'est la vie.
Keep on trucking girl you'll be okay because you're a good person and who cares about all those other people. :-D

Jessie said...

I totally feel the same way!