Thursday, March 11, 2010

Innocence of Youth

While sitting here listening to a little girl (mom is babysitting this morning) I realize just how cute and innocent kids are.
She's excited because she'll be starting T-ball (actually Weeball since she's so little) and is going to have a pink helmet, cleets, and maybe even a pink bat. Aw.... the joys and simplicity.
I loved the days when your best friend is the person you sat with on the bus, when getting frozen juice push-pop at lunch was wonderful, when homework was a page of spelling or simple math, and when being silly all the time was acceptable.
Aw - the stress-less, joyful, easy days of being a kid. Why, when we grow up, do we insist on making life difficult?? It doesn't always have to be.
Let's be kids again!!

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