Monday, May 10, 2010

List of Qualities

In a list of reasons they like you - because you're beautiful is always on top.... WHY?!?!?
I'm flattered, but I'm still complaining. Not sure what starts the conversation, but they always start with the same kind of quality - superficial.
You're beautiful.
You have such kissable lips.
You look good on my side.
Your eyes are gorgeous.
You have beautiful teeth.
And yes, those are all great and they make me feel wonderful. But honestly - if you want me to want to be with you, find another reason why you are interested in me. Maybe something like....
You make me smile.
I always want to be by your side.
I can't stop thinking about you.
I love talking with you about anything and everything.
Things that will last through time are the things that matter. What happens if I get into an accident and my face is scarred? Or my teeth fall out? Or I can't kiss for some reason? Then what would happen to the relationship?
So, here's a clue to all those males out there who are interested in pursuing me or wooing me (not that there are many): tell me things that matter, that have substance, and that will last. Things that aren't just about physical appearance and usually turned sexual.
Eh - just wish there was more to a relationship or feelings beyond the physical.... I'm still holding out for that guy who wants me for more than just the way I look.


Alice Wills Gold said...

Coming from a girl who took a compatibility test with her then almost husband where he marked the answer of rating your potential wife's look on an A-E scale where he answered D good looking instead of E me when I want a man that tells you how beautiful you are because he still will when you start sagging and/or get burned to non recognition.

ReL said...

I have to admit your quest is a noble one however you will be hard pressed to find a guy that isn't going to tell you you're beautiful because 1-you are and 2-first impressions are everything and when your first impression is looking at a person they're going to remember how beautiful you are.

Now that said, guys can still fall for the other amazing things about you too they just have to spend a little time with you to see those aspects.