Monday, May 3, 2010

Phone Courtesy

There was always a rule in my house while growing up that you were not allowed to call anyone after 9:59 pm. It was mostly because you'd be calling the house (this was before everyone had cell phones) and it might wake someone up. And you wouldn't want to call before 9 am in case someone was sleeping in.
Apparently we were some of the few people that had that rule.
It's one thing when you are really good friends with someone - call anytime of day or nite. And the better friends you are, the more you can get away with that. I am actually okay with any of my friends calling/texting anytime of day or nite, but if we aren't friends like's iffy....
Yes - most people know that I work and go to school so I'm usually up and going pretty early. But you don't actually know for sure when that is. And when I ignored your phone call the day before because you knew I didn't want to talk to you, what makes you think I will answer it before 9 am the next morning?? My alarm hadn't even gone off yet....thanks a whole lot for waking me up.
It's one thing to be awoken sometime in the nite or early in the morning with a fun text from a friend or significant other, but it's a completely different story when it's someone you don't have that kind of friendship with.... Oh well. Maybe next time I'll call and wake them up late at nite.
Ps - most of the time it's perfectly acceptable to call/text me anytime. It truly is. I was just frustrated with and didn't want to converse with this person. Then they call before my alarm....

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ReL said...

HAHA! No! That's so rude!
I had that rule growing calls after 9 at my house. And well most people just didn't call before noon because all my friends were late sleepers too since we were usually up partying late on the weekends. Even still I get pissed off when someone calls me after a certain hour, unless it's Nathan, you, Emily or Jordan. It's just plain courteous to not call after the sun goes down in the summer and after 9 in the winter.