Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gotta start thinking about the future

I am currently enjoying not thinking about anything further than the next weekend's plans. But I should probably start truly thinking about what I'm going to start doing with my life.
I finish with my current degree in May, and then where do I want to go?? Do I stay in Knoxville (God forbid) or do I move to a beach? Or should I skip the beach since I'm doing it this summer and I should live the next dream of life?
And if so, where is the next adventure? And before any of that, what am I doing through the last 2 semesters of school? I need a job and some plans or I might just go crazy.
And what about life in general?
I'd like to continue my education. But I don't think I want to go into law any further. So then what do I do? Maybe I should suck it up, get the bachelor's in law and then perhaps try something else. Or maybe not.
But I definitely need to start thinking about things and coming up with ideas.
I think I need to travel a little bit this next fall and spring so I can figure out where it is that I would like to live next. Perhaps it will only be for a couple years, but I need to at least figure out where the adventure will be once is school is over.
Any suggestions?

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