Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Driving is not a distraction

I drive.
I drive a lot.
I'm sick of driving alone.
When I drive, I think. I think about a lot of things. I think about nothing. I think about everything.
But I want to go on another drive. To New York City.
It's only just over 10 hours from where I currently am living. But I do NOT want to do that drive alone. Being alone in the car at any point in the next month or so might be a bad idea. Too much on my mind.
So I need a good distraction. I need a traveling partner. Not an international, adventurous one. Just one for the domestic travels and driving to places that are closer that I want to explore. If that traveling partner ends up being one for international travel as well, then all the better. But I won't hold my breath.
Regardless, I need to have distractions while I drive. I don't want to do the lone driving anymore. (Although I'm sure I probably will....for many more years....)

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