Saturday, September 18, 2010

Over Population

I'm taking a Property Law class this semester and during one of the classes we were talking about people wanting property anywhere and everywhere.
The crazy thing people forget about when buying property is what can happen to the property. You don't want to buy a house near a river that is known to or does frequently flood. You don't want to build a house with a basement in a wetlands area. You don't want to on the edge of a cliff when there's recorded earthquakes in the area.
But it seems that some people are just so eager to own property and have a house that they don't think about future problems. They need to remember to think further down the road. Whether they plan on moving or not, they might want to evaluate the property enough to know if it's worth owning, living on, or doing anything with.
With my job, I talk to a lot of people and we discuss cutting down and clearing out trees. Most people agree that it's a bad idea. If you are going to build neighborhoods or such, leave the trees. Don't clear it all out just to make it easier. Keep everything as normal and natural as possible.
At one point during my drive home through the curvy mountain roads, I follow a bend and it opens up to see the side of a mountain .... that happens to be completely covered with cabins. Ugh! I will say that they have some trees and bushes, so it's not completely bare. But I think having it completely covered with cabins is not pretty either.
Sometimes I think this world, or certain areas, are becoming over populated. People living on top of people and it never seems to end.

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