Wednesday, September 15, 2010

That time of year again

I went to the Tennessee Valley Fair last nite with my mother, sister, and my sister's 3 boys.
My suggestion: Don't go to the fair when your stomach is upset. Then nothing will really sound very tasty and you won't feel any better as the nite progresses.
Yes, I had the misfortune of having an upset stomach before we even got there. I figured it would go away, but it didn't really. And when we got home I was up all nite not feeling very well. My digestive system hates me, even when I don't eat greasy fair foods.
And surprisingly, I didn't really eat that much food. I had some delicious Bacon, Cheddar, Ranch fries; a Chicken-on-a-Stick, and a Deep-fried Snickers bar. That was pretty much it. And altho I go to the fair for the food, I did not really get a whole lot. I've decided that there's not a whole lot of selection in foods - there's a lot of places, but not a lot of variety. I don't particularly like rides at the fair so I may reconsider going next year. (I probably will go again anyway - it's fun to people watch.)
I also saw at least 2 couples getting photos taken. I'm not sure if they were both for engagement photos, but I know the one couple was lucky and got my congratulations. I thought it was an adorable idea to take pictures at the fair, even if they weren't getting married. I totally want to do that!! I need someone willing to participate in such thing though.... Any takers??
We got to milk a cow, attempt to rope a plastic steer, and had an all around interesting evening. My nephews were also lucky enough to take home a bunny. Rides, games, food, and a bunny. Man - they had it made!!
(I would post pictures, but none were taken with my camera. Perhaps I can add some later.)

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ReL said...

LOL the Fair is still great even without the food though :-) I enjoy the art, livestock, the Village of Yesteryear, and all the free goodies everywhere... among other things. It sucks your stomach was upset though.
As far as What kind?