Monday, October 1, 2007

Oh yeah

I forgot to update everyone . . . .

Court went fine. I could've taken an 8 hour class, paid a fee and not gotten the ticket on my record. But since I would've had to travel again to take the class, and it would've taken an entire weekend, I was silly enough to just pay the fine. The DA lowered my speed to 80/70 instead of 90/70 so my fine was only $135 (or something like that) which is actually lower than the ticket I got for going only 15 over the speed limit. Funny how that works, huh?

As for everything else - it's going well. I'm still debating on schools, but if I get the acceptance letter and it feels right, then that's where I'll be going. :) Otherwise, I will be sticking it out here in Raleigh for awhile longer and take correspondence/online courses. Which wouldn't be bad at all. I enjoy my job, make decent money, and it's GORGEOUS here. Not including the fact that there are a few hotties in my single's ward.

Strangely enough - I'm looking forward to General Conference this weekend. I never used to really care much about it. But the past couple of times, I've enjoyed it. And I'm really looking forward to this session because a lot of things have changed since the session in the spring. And changed for the better. And I get to spend a few extra days with the family too, so that helps. :)

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