Tuesday, January 8, 2008


So - here I am sitting in Panera Bread (for a few hours since the internet isn't working at home) and people have been coming and going. Entertaining, that's for sure.

Recently a younger girl and a middle-aged lady sat down in a booth beside me. They were discussing different things and by the way the girl was talking, I figured out she was a Senior in high school. From the sounds of the conversation, the parents are divorced, the girl lives with her dad, and this is just a little get together with mom. They discussed vacation plans and her car. Money issues and boys. They didn't seem like they really knew each other. Like they don't talk very often. They seemed to be catching up on a lot of stories that have happened to her. Okay - they might have been recent, but it seems like if a girl talked to her mom everyday, then the lady would've already known everything the girl just told her. Sad really . . . they just seemed like they were catching up. The mom wrote a check for something the girl was doing . . . . It just seemed as though they weren't super close. Which I guess that happens, but it's sad. They were cousins meeting up after months, they were friends re-uniting. They didn't seem to be mother and daughter spending an afternoon together. But that's what it was . . . odd.

It made me feel a bit sad. Like everyone should have closer relationships with their immediate families, regardless of location in the world or age difference or education or gender. I guess I should be the one to start changing that.


Alice Wills Gold said...

I LOVE Eavesdropping. Let's do it together sometime. LG hates it when I try to eavesdrop during dinner dates. You gotta do it though, you know our conversation is nothing exciting.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Where oh where is Stephanie?