Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Religion at Work

It's amazing working for a company that is very religious. It's not just that each and almost every employee is an active member of some sort of religious sect, but they integrate it into each and every part of their job.
We are starting a new construction project. So they wanted to consecrate the property and bless it to have the Spirit of the Lord there. I do not believe that they truly have the priesthood power to do so - but the act, the thought, the desire and the belief behind it was all so strong and wonderful.
Religion comes into conversation alot. And I don't always have things to contribute - actually I usually have nothing to contribute - but I very much am glad for the conversation. It makes me think and it gives me the desire to learn more of what I believe. I have yet to TRULY act on this desire, but as long as I hear these discussions and conversations, I will one day follow through.

It's wonderful that we pray before every meal, pray before meetings, pray if someone has a special need, and have co-workers/colleagues that believe the same similar thing as yourself. I also enjoy that if I have something going on, I can go to my superior or just a fellow co-worker and talk to them about it. They would understand and more than likely give some wonderful advice.

I've just realized that it's not very often that a company, a corporation, has that kind of relationship or desire to help or improve their employees.

I also learned that it's a very possible situation coming into play within the next year. Our President,Steve, is a very amazing man. He works hard and is always coming up with new adventures and ideas to help improve the company and expand it. They seem to work well and those that don't, he has no problem letting go of to improve the situation for everyone. Now - Steve has had the opportunity (many, actually) to go on 'mission trips.' I don't know exactly what that entails except maybe a trip to serve other people. Well apparently Steve wants all of his employees to enjoy such a trip as well. Rumor (heard from my direct boss) is that Steve is going to give anyone who wants to do a mission trip, a week off and $1,000 to do so. Now that would be amazing! I've always wanted to do such a thing. Perhaps I could work it out somehow that I would be able to do so this year. I've just got to hurry and get my passport back as I would definitely take this trip out of the country!!

See - religion at work is fabulous! When everyone is accepting of others religious views and they share and help each other, then what more can you ask for? That's fantastic!


Alice Wills Gold said...

If you go on an LDS mission, will he give you $1000/ could make some bank!

Saxon said...

We have almost the opposite at my work. There's only two people in our whole division who are 'religious'