Friday, February 29, 2008

Mr. Backburner

He hates this name that I have dubbed for him, but as explained to him, that's just how I felt at the time so it just stuck....

As stated in my previous post, things have really changed between us. I'll spare you most of the details, but I don't want you to think that he's a terrible guy like I know some of you probably do.

He has started to spend much more time with me (BEFORE he read the post) and we've had good times. He's no longer attracted to nor does he enjoy spending time with the 'other' girls. Oh - he still flirts but that's his personality and I would want it no other way. He still spends time with a girl or two, but I know that there's nothing there. And it's perfectly okay with me. Even if we were dating, it would be fine for him to be with them because I know he wouldn't be doing anything. And that's just the thing - we AREN'T dating. We are just really good friends. I appreciate that. I enjoy having someone around, and we've been talking a lot. That's something I really enjoy, getting to know someone.

Last nite we went to dinner after he got done with class (well, appetizers anyway) and talked about church things. Which is pretty unusual for us, but it was something that I had been thinking about. So I started asking questions and he would answer them. I ask a LOT of questions and of course I always start out by saying, "I have a question." I'm not sure he likes that much.... :-)

Tonite we have a date. He has it all planned out. Originally I asked if I could steal him for the nite and he agreed. Then later in the week he said he was taking over the evening plans. I was completely okay with that. I didn't have anything in mind, I just wanted to spend time with him. I found out this morning - because I asked more questions - that he decided to take over the plans because he had read the previous post about himself. OOPS! I guess that's one way to get a guy to notice... but really not the way I intended. I almost don't want him to do anything special tonite because then he'd be doing it just to prove a point or something. But whatever - it will be a lot of fun and I will enjoy it regardless, I'm sure. I just enjoy spending time with him in general.

I am glad that he is not a possessive type of guy. I'm glad that he and I have a lot of similarities in certain factors. We both like to flirt, we are both pretty social, we both like to do some of the same things and all of that really helps us get along. There are some things that we are very different about, but that's how you make things work and friends get along, right?

I am not counting out anyone in the 'running' for spending time with me. There is a guy, recently moved, that I talked about in the "Distancing Emotionally" post. He and I still talk and he wants to still hang out when he can. So the next time he's in town, not sure when that will be, we are supposed to hang out. And honestly - I am thinking of going there to visit him. It's not like it's far, but if he's on-call for work, then he can't come here. I'm sure I'll figure something out. Besides - I owe him like 3 times over....

Just so you know - Mr. Backburner is no longer going to be known as that. He definitely does NOT treat me that way. What I'll refer to him as.... I don't know. But he's changed and so will his name.

Wish me luck for this weekend. It's going to be amazing fun!!

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