Monday, March 3, 2008

Fantastic Friday

Yes - this weekend WAS Amazing fun!!

Friday nite - omigosh.... I couldn't stop smiling the WHOLE nite. It's not very often that I have a date that actually takes charge and plans things without telling me. It's not very often that I go on dates, period. But this nite was SO much fun...
I only have some of the pictures as his camera died after the first half, and my camera died before the candlelit dinner started....
Yes - that's what I said - a CANDLELIT dinner... It was so cute, with mood lighting and EVERYTHING.

Let me start at the beginning. He called me at about 4 o'clock-ish, when he got off work, to double check the time to pick me up. Told me that it was a t-shirt and jeans affair.
I went home and started to change. And changed, and changed. I am not usually one to wear a t-shirt and since I had no idea what the plans were, I didn't want to overdress, but wanted to look cute. I think I tried on at least 6 different tops, trying to decide. I finally just went with my 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle' t-shirt.

Off we drove for the first destination of our date.... Remember - I have NO IDEA where we're going or what we're doing. And then we pull into 'Adventure Landing' which has arcade games, mini-golf, go-karts, etc. Still not sure what we're doing, but yay!
We go inside and he gets tokens. Off we go to play arcade games like little kids. We played a basketball game - he won, I won, and then I beat him at not looking and shooting! Yeah - that's right, I BEAT him... hahaha!
Skee ball, motorcycle, snow-machine, shoot 'em up game, air hockey, cyclone and it was just all so fun. We took our tickets (that I won the most of) and went off to the prize counter. We got two parachute monkey guys (to throw off a water tower at a later date) and then he saw a dolphin bracelet and got that for me. So sweet. I mean - it's just a basic, cheap bracelet, but it's cute and the fact that he noticed it and got it (particularly because it's dolphins) was sweet.
Mini-golf was the next event on the agenda. This is the game that he TOTALLY beat me at, but I did a decent job with it... Only 5 points difference at least. It was so much fun though. We actually did a speed round as well and let's just say that it was the more entertaining of the two. Especially since I cheat pretty well in a game with no rules. HaHa! (These pictures are on his camera, so I do not have them yet...)

As we left he couldn't decide if we should do dinner or this other activity first. He opted on waiting for dinner a little bit more. Off we went to get hot chocolate, which was actually at the first place we actually hung out together (beyond my apt). It was so sweet! We got different flavors this time. But they were SO delicious! We didn't sit there to finish them as we apparently had to get somewhere for dinner.

He pulled into a parking lot at a pizzeria place. I was just thinking, "Mmmm. Pizza. That's kind of our food...haha." We go inside and they keep telling us to hold on for a minute, they aren't ready yet. I was sort of confused, but just went with it. Then they took us in the back - and we MADE OUR OWN PIZZA!!! It was SO MUCH fun!!
Granted, neither of us had a clue what we were doing, but it was SO much fun.... I've never made my own pizza before. And you KNOW this took some planning to talk to them about it....

While we were waiting for the pizza to cook (we made a Hawaiian pizza, the favorite, but realized that we had our choice of all these different toppings and as many as we wanted, yet we only did Hawaiian. Silly!) he pulled candles out of a bag. Then he lit them... So cute!! After we got the pizza, which was DELICIOUS, the owner came out, saw the candles and turned off the main lights. So we had 'mood lighting' for the rest of our meal. It was so cute!! I really couldn't stop smiling the whole time. LOVED IT!!
He's a sweetheart, and although he might have only done this to make up for NOT taking me out while he took out the other girls, it was still so much fun and I very much enjoyed it. It was just an amazing nite and I can't wait until I get to take him out and surprise him with something amazing and fun!

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Alice Wills Gold said...

Are you just trying to make us old married boring people jealous or what? HOW FUN! My kudos to the date.