Monday, May 12, 2008


I have decided that this summer is going to be Ah-MAZING!!
Not only do I have some great friends who share the same ideas I have (concerts, beach trips, etc) but I also have the capability to do all such things. I am centrally located enough to be able to go places to see these great places.
Gas is incredibly expensive now, but whatever. It's still going to be a great summer!

I have never been to a concert. You can NOT count the '3 Doors Down' one at the fair, because that was hardly a 'concert'. So I'm going to go to a REAL concert, and SOON!

Sadly, I've missed a lot of opportunities because I've not had anyone that would join me at the concerts I've really wanted to go to. But now I think I'll go even if no one will go with me. I want to go and why should I miss out if people are dumb??

I very much like - strangely enough - 'Nickelback'. I will admit that I don't know all of their music, nor do I know anything about the individuals in the group. But I do like to listen to their songs that I have. They seem to have a story in each. Some of them are good, some of them not so good. But they have a point. It's not always about stupid drama this, or sexual stuff that, somebody's baby's mama or some other silly nonsense. It's actual stories or situations... I like it a lot.

Anyway - Nickelback is one of those groups that I've missed the opportunity to go see. So I thought that this summer I could go see them, as long as they are within driving distance. But much to my dismay - the only tour dates they have are in September . . . in Germany and England.
So much for that idea! I'm not desperate enough to see them to travel all the way to Germany or England. I would travel there, but not just to see someone in concert.

It looks as though I'll have to try some different ideas. Some different places, people, and ideas. There are plenty of fun things I want to do this summer. Some cheap, some not so cheap. Guess I'd better decide which I want to do more...

Stupid gas prices going up! If not for that, I would be gone every weekend doing something exciting. Oh well - guess I'll work with what I've got closer. Which is LOTS of things...

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