Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Have you Ever . . .

Have you ever had a great idea.... but then forgot it?

Have you ever tripped up the stairs.... and everyone happened to be around at that moment?

Have you ever missed someone so much..... your body ached to be in their arms?

Have you ever danced.... in the rain?

Have you ever played a game of imaginations.... after you became a teenager?

Have you ever taken a drive..... with absolutely no destination in mind?

Have you ever tried to say something... but no matter how hard you tried, it never came out right?

Have you ever felt like a moviestar.... but had no where to go show it off?

Have you ever had a candlelit dinner... by yourself?

Have you ever spent a day doing absolutely nothing productive... just because you could?

Have you ever kissed someone.... even if you weren't interested in them?

Have you ever bought something... even if it was too much, just because it seemed perfect?

Have you ever gotten rid of something.... that you had never used?

Have you ever wanted to run away.... hoping to solve the problem?

Have you ever daydreamed.... about that incredibly gorgeous person you just don't have the guts to talk to?

Have you ever slacked off at work... because you just weren't quite motivated that day?

Have you ever wondered about other countries... and plan to visit them one day?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like... to be in that person's situation?

Have you ever tried something new.... but refuse to try it again?

Have you ever dreamed of doing something amazing.... but never have the guts to try?

Have you ever had a moment... that felt like it was straight out of the movies?

1 comment:

ReL said...

All the time.

No but I've fallen down while running in front of people.

Oh wow... YES.

Yes, with my best friend.

Every time I read.


All the time.

Every day!

No but that would be so fun.

Most Saturdays that I'm not out with people.

Plenty of times. It never ends well.

Oh wow, plenty of times.

Nope, I usually keep them and make sure to use them at least once.

All the freaking an island.

Aw man every Sunday.

Every Day.

yes and hopefully one day soon.

I try to never wonder that.

Sushi..YUCK. Although I think Jordan may have persueded me to try it one more time.

Once in a while that happens.

Yes, and those are the BEST!