Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still no Christmas spirit

I've gone caroling, shopping, baked cookies, had a ward party, had a work party, got a tree, decorated the tree, wrapped presents, listened to music - yet I still don't quite feel like it's Christmas.

Maybe part of the reason is the weather. All my life it's always been snowy around Christmas. Not always a lot of snow, but there's definitely always some. But there's not in North Carolina, or Tennessee. So - riding around with the top down on the convertible doesn't exactly scream "It's CHRISTMAS Time."

I think the main reason is that I haven't spent time with my family. And I miss them - quite a bit. I am not exactly sure when the last time I went to visit was, but it was definitely too long ago. I wish I had time and money to go see them once a month, but that's not usually possible. So - I'll just stick with spending all week with them - starting Saturday. YAY!!
I'm counting down the hours....

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