Friday, December 19, 2008

Stocking Stuffing

I have a 'family' here in North Carolina. And I'm the 'mother' of the 'family.' It's pretty entertaining and we all have good times.
Last nite the 'dad' (my boyfriend) and I got to go shopping for the stockings and then stuffed them. It was pretty fun, but pretty hard to figure out what to get. Overall it's cheesy stuff, but it should be pretty entertaining. Right?

What I did realize while I was doing that though, was that I wish I had no money limit and I could buy all kinds of presents for everyone all the time. I LOVE buying and wrapping presents. It's so much fun. But sadly, I can only spend so much money on presents - bills tend to over-rule extra spending.

Either way, we got some fun goodies for everyone. And honestly - it will be quite entertaining watching everyone open their stockings and stuff. It will be a fun time and I'm sure I will get pictures.

We are going to have a surprise for all the 'kids' that only one other person knows about. I really think it will put a smile on everyone's faces. And I will DEFINITELY be getting pictures of THAT. hehehe....

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